Priceless: A Message Worth Watching

priceless review

*DISCLAIMER: The movie “Priceless” is centered around human sex-trafficking and is rated pg-13. This article will include information about the movie and may not be suitable for younger readers. I encourage parents to read this article with or before their children.

We’ve all heard of slavery. We’ve all heard of human trafficking, but do we know the depths of it’s reality?

I certainly didn’t. I am definitely aware that terrible things go on around me. I am aware that human trafficking exists, but my eyes were not open to how horrible it actually is – until now.

Everyday, girls as young as 11 years old are being sold or lured into sex trafficking.

Daughters of God are being sold for cheap sex and end up feeling alone, desperate, and absolutely worthless.

Whether it’s by choice, being tricked into thinking that prostitution is a job opportunity, going to meet someone from the internet, or many other ways, young women are being objectified and taken advantage of every single day.

Based on the true stories of human trafficking, “Priceless: She’s Worth Fighting For” brings to light the secrecy and devastating truth of sex trafficking.

Of course all stories are not the same, so don’t expect that all cases are exactly as the movie portrays.

Based upon various stories, “Priceless” tells a story of 2 girls who have been tricked into sex trafficking by being told that they are receiving a job opportunity.

However, a young man finds himself involved, seeks to rescue them, and learns some serious, hard to swallow lessons along the way.


I encourage parents to read the Plugged In movie review of Priceless which will provide information about what is in the movie such as positive elements, sexuality, or violence.

What can be learned from this movie?
1) All people are priceless!

Throughout this entire film, it is evident that the 2 girls who have been trafficked are being tossed around and looked down upon. However, the young man who wants to rescue them realizes that he can’t just sit still and let them be taken advantage of. He sees that they are valued and loved and deserve to be treated that way.

This movie centers around the fact that the girls in sex trafficking are worth fighting for. After watching it, I felt like I needed to go out there and spread Christ’s love and acceptance to all the girls I know!

It was so inspiring to see that girls who are often objectified and left feeling worthless are worth so much to Christ! They really are worth the fight!

2) You can make a difference!

Although I can’t rescue all the women stuck in prostitution, I can still help by being aware, praying for the victims, and making sure the girls that I do know realize that they are worth more than just their body and are loved by their heavenly Father.

You don’t have to wait to support young women until they are taken advantage of. You can start mentoring and spreading Christ’s love to the girls and women that you already know, even if they haven’t been involved in sex trafficking.

If you are interested in helping girls who have been victims in human trafficking, I encourage you to check out to learn more about what you can do.

Take Action:

This week, I challenge you to take some time to pray for the victims of sex trafficking. Prayer is powerful!

Psalm 107:6 “Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.”

Don’t ever forget that you are PRICELESS!