A Personal Letter to YOU; a Daughter of the King


Dear Daughter of the King,

This life is a journey and you are definitely not alone! We’re constantly being pressured to give in to what this world has to offer. Boyfriends. Popularity. Attention. Our hearts get tossed around without any real commitment.

The thing is, God has something so much better in store for you. I know that you’re being told to accept this world’s counterfeit version of love, but Jesus Christ is writing a beautiful love story for you personally! A story that is based on His true version of love.

He doesn’t like to see you get your heart broken time and time again. He loves you too much to leave you heartbroken and confused by short-term romances.

At a glance, it probably seems like all those other girls are happy and valued because they have a boyfriend to tell them, but really, they’re searching for a love that no one can give; a sense of belonging that only a relationship with Christ can provide.

God tells us through Solomon, in the Bible, that we shouldn’t awaken love before it pleases (Song of Solomon 2:7). In other words, we shouldn’t try to make someone like us or chase after a relationship. Romantic love should only be awoken when God says the time is right.

That isn’t to keep you from having fun, but to protect and guard your heart until the right man comes along. Your heart is too special to just be tossed around from guy to guy. Jesus loves you and wants to protect you from potential heartbreaks.

If you give Christ your heart before anyone else, I promise you that He will cherish it. It says in Jeremiah 29:11 that God has a plan for you. Not a plan to harm you, but to give you hope and a future!

You are a daughter of the King of kings. That makes you a princess who is beautiful and valued! Your heart is like a rose. Just as a budding rose shouldn’t be opened too early, your heart shouldn’t be given away too early. Giving your heart away can damage the beautiful story that God is writing for you.

If you’ve messed up before or if you’ve given pieces of your heart away, God will lovingly accept you back. It’s never too late to commit your heart to Him and trust Him with your future.

Wait patiently for the man that God has for you. Turn to God in prayer and look to Him for everything.

Sometimes you’ll feel pressured to give in to your emotions, but you can stay strong if you rely on the strength of Jesus Christ. He will never ever fail you!

With Love,

Kayla Marie

P.S. Giving your heart to Christ is the best commitment you can ever make! If you have any questions about what it means or how to trust God with your heart, you are welcome to contact me through email!