Happy Birthday to an Awesome Sister!

Today is my sister, Kierstin’s, birthday!

On this wonderful July 1st, I wanted to share with you a short story I wrote about Kierstin for a school project. I thought it’d be fitting for the day’s occasion.

So here goes!

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you had one more or one less sibling? I’ve thought about what it would be like to be an only child, but that has just made me even more grateful for my 14, now 15,  year old sister, Kierstin.

Bruise or cut yourself and she’ll be ready to dig through cupboards and drawers to find a natural remedy.

Whether it’s exploring our backyard woods, finding a glimpse of God in a wild animal, or on the court playing basketball, Kierstin finds adventure in almost any circumstance and makes the most of her life.

The outside is a whole new world when Kierstin’s around. I remember a time when she made up a whole scavenger hunt in the woods in our backyard.

She hid little pieces of paper with clues on them behind trees, under logs, and between rocks. As I read the first clue, I marched on through the tall trees to search for the next one.

She just followed me around and laughed as I struggled to find the clues. Nonetheless, I can’t say I didn’t have fun.

That day, as the bright sun shone through the trees, Kierstin and I got to spend time together laughing, talking, and completing a scavenger hunt that kept me on my toes.

Just as Kierstin finds adventure in a patch of land, I admire her for finding a little bit of God in the animals that He created.

One day, she came across the chipmunk while researching for an article she was writing for her blog. I was amazed that she took the fact that chipmunks dig deep burrows to store food and related it to how we need to be digging deep in God’s word and storing it in our hearts.

Just as those little chipmunks with big cheeks carry food with them, we need to be filled with the Bible as our spiritual food.

To know that I have a sister that can take what God has created and teach others about His love for us is something that I’m am very thankful for.

There aren’t many girls her age who take the time to find beauty and creativity in all that God designed.

Not only does Kierstin find ways to make things fun for the people around her, but she also relies on God’s help to face her fears. Recently, she started playing basketball for the first time.

It was nerve racking and intimidating trying to learn everything while being one of the few girls on her team who had never played before.

She had to practice and learn about rebounds, boxing out, pivoting, and a whole lot of other stuff I have no clue about.

However, even through all of the fast-paced dribbling down the court and passing to the right teammate, she still tries to remain positive and almost made a basket at her last game.

It’s definitely not easy getting out of your comfort zone to try something new, but Kierstin still did and for that I am proud.

As I think on what it would be like to be an only child, I can’t help but wonder how many adventures I’d be missing out on.

Just as Kierstin involves me in exploring and learning about God through His creation, I want to be the best big sister I can be and encourage her to continue to face her fears and make the most of her beautiful life.

Happy Birthday Kierstin!

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