Dear Church…This is What I Ask


Do you ever wish you could speak out, but you feel like no one will listen? Do you have something to say, but fear that people won’t take you seriously?

I know how you feel! Sometimes we, as kids, teens, and young adults get looked down upon because we’re young and haven’t experienced “real life”.

We’re expected to get into trouble and live ‘in the moment’ without considering the consequences. The truth is, these low expectations that are set before us have become such a normality that we don’t even try to exceed them.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the stereotype that society has put me in. I want people to look at me as someone who can make a difference, but if we want people to do that, we have to give them a reason.

This past week, a fellow blogger by the name of Samuel Byers wrote a letter to the church and posted it on his blog. At the end, he encouraged his readers to take the time to write one as well.

I decided that it would be a great idea so I wrote my own letter to the church! That is what I want to share with you right now.

Dear Church,

As a young person, I get looked down upon. I get seen as someone who can’t make a big difference. I get lumped together with the stereotype of being a trouble making, disrespectful, teenager.

But, in some people’s eyes, I’m looked up to as someone who can live a life of purity, honor, and faith. 

There are many different kinds of people in the church. Some look down on me and some look up to me, but what I ask of you is simple.

When you look at me, please look at me and see a child of God.

Encourage me. Point me to scripture in love. Give me a chance to serve others.

Those may seem like minor tasks, but they make the biggest difference. 

Young people are searching; searching for someone who will look and see someone who is worth putting time, love, and prayer into.

Because, in reality, we’re not looking for some big church with everything we can imagine. We’re looking for a place with genuine people who care and are willing to fight beside us in this battle of faith.

So, church, all we ask is that you look at us young people and say, “He/She is a child of God. Let’s show him/her that we’re in this together.”

Let’s grow in faith as a body of believers and point one another to the One who gave us this opportunity; Jesus Christ.

With love,

A Young Person Ready to Fight


I encourage you to keep it going!

Write your own letter to the church and remember that your years as a young person can be used to make a difference!

Also, take some time and check out Samuel Byers’ blog! He is a young man who loves sharing stories to point others to Christ. You can check out his blog here.