Wanted: Real Women Ready to Fight: Part 2

She was beautiful. She was rich, famous, and sexy. If their was ever a real woman, it was her. She had everything she could ever want; fame, money, looks, attention. Girls looked up to her; wanted to be like her. She had everything that this world said would bring happiness and fulfillment. However, she didn’t have […]

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How to Keep a Faith-Filled Journal

Ever feel like you just have to get your feelings out on paper? Like you just need to get your thoughts together? I know exactly what that’s like! I love writing, so keeping a journal has been super exciting for me. However, it’s not always as easy as it seems at first. There are two […]

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Wanted: Real Women Ready to Fight: Part 1

Another arrow headed straight for her heart. She watched as the other young women beside her were lead astray by the enemy’s lies. It was time to take all that she had learned and put it into action. Though the enemy disguised his lies as the truth, this young woman knew exactly what he was […]

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