How to Keep a Faith-Filled Journal

Ever feel like you just have to get your feelings out on paper? Like you just need to get your thoughts together? I know exactly what that’s like! I love writing, so keeping a journal has been super exciting for me. However, it’s not always as easy as it seems at first. There are two […]

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Wanted: Real Women Ready to Fight: Part 1

Another arrow headed straight for her heart. She watched as the other young women beside her were lead astray by the enemy’s lies. It was time to take all that she had learned and put it into action. Though the enemy disguised his lies as the truth, this young woman knew exactly what he was […]

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Self-Worth: What They’re Not Telling You

There comes a time when we all wonder who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re worth. Whether it’s been through the struggle of becoming flawless, being looked-down upon by the people around you, or suffering from abuse; we’ve all been wondering the same thing. What am I worth? The concept of being valued isn’t […]

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My Wish This Christmas

One of my family’s favorite traditions at Christmas time is setting aside a certain day to get hot cocoa, walk around a decorated town, and finish out the evening with a horse-drawn carriage ride. We spend time together and cherish each moment that God has given us. You know, we are so blessed that we […]

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5 Reasons to be Grateful This Thanksgiving

  It’s about that time of year! Getting together with family, enjoying the autumn colors, and being thankful. I’m sure we all know that it’s easy to get over-whelmed and frustrated during this time of year. With all the shopping, cleaning, and making sure everything is perfect for guests, our Thanksgivings can turn into stress-filled […]

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