About Embrace Purity

Have you ever felt alone because you’ve been struggling with sin, friendship issues, or tearing yourself down? Do you ever feel like it’s impossible for you to have a personal relationship with God? Those are things that we, as young women, often face. Satan, the prince of lies and destroyer of truth, is ready to bring you down, but God is stronger. And He has something way better in mind.

The Mission of Embrace Purity

Embrace Purity, started in 2016, was created with young women in mind. Our goal with this blog isn’t to hand out a list of rules and say, “There you go. Now get out there and be a good Christian”. Our goal is to fight right alongside you in this battle. We know that it’s sometimes hard to do what’s right. We’ve struggled with things, just like you. But we also know that Jesus Christ is more powerful than anything we’ve gone through.

The name ‘Embrace Purity’ doesn’t only refer to sexual purity. In fact, when the Bible talks about purity, it covers all aspects of life. Purity isn’t about what we do or don’t do. It’s about what Jesus has done for us. Don’t let your mistakes define you. There may still be consequences, but God always offers a second chance. We want this blog to encourage you and give you a safe place to learn to trust God with your heart and your struggles.

Kayla Marie Matlock is a young woman who loves to write. She is the founder of Embrace Purity and will be starting college classes next year to prepare to become a life-coach. She has seen God work in her life in amazing ways and has a desire to share that with other young women.