5 Promises to Increase Your Trust in God This Summer: Read on at Delighting in Him

5 Promises to Increase Your Trust in God This Summer

Summer’s finally here and what a great time to freshen up on God’s promises!

Whether you’re young or not-so-young, you’ve probably found it hard to trust God at one time or another.

You have questions. Questions like…

“If God cares, why did he put me through so much heartache?”

“Is God really hearing my prayers?”

“How can I stay faithful to Christ this summer without missing out on all the good times?”

These questions are great! And, thankfully, they have answers!

Sometimes, when it seems like God isn’t working in our lives, we find it hard to believe that he really is. We find ourselves smack in the middle of a tough situation and we suddenly forget that God has it under control.

People tell us that God won’t fail, but we are still hesitant to give our concerns to Him.

Here’s the truth: God has always kept His promises and He won’t stop now.

As you’re out with your friends, on vacation, or just going through everyday life, it would be nice to have God’s promises ready for when you need them, wouldn’t it?

That’s why I’ve decided to put together 5 promises from God’s word to help you trust in Him this summer. I’ll call them our “summer promises”.

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