3 Key Truths From The Movie “Princess Cut”


*Spoiler alert. 😉

This guy had to be ‘the one’, right? After all, he said the sweetest things and made her feel loved. At least at first.

This was Grace Anderson’s third relationship and, just like the other two, it wouldn’t be long before this one became a disaster too.

After talking things over with her romance-obsessed best friend, a questionable therapist, and finally, her caring parents, Grace goes on a journey to find out what God wants for her future.

She decides it’s time to wait on God for the next man.

As Grace rediscovers God’s design for love and romance and seeks her parents wise counsel, Clint Masters, a handsome and firm believer in Christ, moves in next door.

After months of getting to know the Andersons and developing a good relationship with Grace’s father, he finds that he has a deep love for Grace and believes that God wants him to take the next step.

Does he ask her out? No. Does he try to be alone and secluded with her? No. Instead, he goes to her parents and explains his love for Grace to her father before even telling her that he was interested.

And with that, a beautiful love story written by God begins.

This is the storyline of the movie, “Princess Cut”.

After watching this for the second time, I noticed 3 key truths found in the movie.

3 Key truths that are so important for us girls to be aware of.
1. God writes love stories; in His time.

We can get pretty caught up in dreaming about when our perfect knight in shining armor will arrive.

We let ourselves get emotionally attached to crushes we hardly know. We settle for that guy because we don’t think we’ll ever get another chance.

I’m telling you, waiting in God’s timing will be so worth it! God knows what’s best for us and He sees things that we don’t.

When we trust the Lord and have faith that His design for love and romance is best, we will see that His plan is so much more beautiful than we could’ve imagined.

2. Wise counsel from parents helps a ton!

Our parents are our parents for a reason. They are here to guide us and train us up to grow in our relationships with Christ.

Whether you believe it or not, they were your age once and they’ve learned a lot over the years.

When the time comes when a young man is interested in you (or vice-versa), let your parents give you counsel on how you should respond. They really can help a ton.

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3. There are still guys who have respect for young women and their families.

When you read that Clint Masters talked to Grace’s dad to express his interest in her, you were probably like, “Guys don’t do that anymore! If I want to ever get married, I’m going to have to do more than just wait around.”

Now, when I say wait, I don’t mean sit around all day every day wishing that a guy would come along and sweep you off your feet.

What I mean is, don’t focus so much on when or how romance enters your life. Instead focus on living your life to honor Christ and help others.

About the “guys don’t do that anymore” part. That would be false.

There are, in fact, young men who respect young women and their families enough to express his interest to her parents.

I happen to personally know guys who have done this and ladies who have had this happen to them.

Don’t get discouraged!

God isn’t some man in the sky who doesn’t get romance. He’s the one who invented marriage in the first place, so He knows more about it than we do.

What will you choose?

What are some practical ways that you can intentionally trust God with your future marriage?

What has encouraged you to wait in God’s perfect timing for love?